Jib crane

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(Mach.) a crane having a horizontal jib on which a trolley moves, bearing the load.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A new portable jib crane with four-way fork pockets is for use in applications without permanent installation.
The Eurobloc VT2 electric wire rope hoist has been integrated with the new 360[degrees] power slewing jib crane, manufactured by Pelloby, the UK distributor of Verlinde.
Further highlights include an increase in hardstand accommodation for 15 additional boats taking the total capacity of the hardstand to 30 hardstand boats, relocation of the jib crane, installation of floating pontoons around the parameter of the new hardstand area to allow more casual visitor access to the CYCA pond and the installation of 100 new storage lockers.
Additional process features include inflation, purge and vent controls, temperature maintenance jackets, weight indication and control system, peristaltic pumps, jib crane and electric hoist for powder handling, and data loggers and corn-munications to SCADA systems.
The manual BPL can be mounted to a hoist on a manipulator, jib crane, or bridge crane.
The big brother of the two on the pounds 58m site is the 50m wk180b Luffing Jib Crane which is situated closest to Chapel Hill.
Recovery crews were today hoping to start removing the stricken Wolff 500B Luffing Jib Crane from the Chandlers Wharf complex in Wapping's Baltic triangle.
Mechanical equipment specialist Larry Cahoon and electrical equipment specialists Lisa Tholen and Ralph LaClair had to do an annual inspection on jib crane No.
The GLP can be used with an overhead crane, jib crane, articularm manipulator or mobile hydraulic floor crane.
A machine-mounted jib crane and the low film alarm system simplify film roll replacement.
The company also added a jib crane and trolley system for easy removal of dredge pump components and an air-conditioned level room and machinery enclosure.