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 (hē′kə-rē′yə, -rēl′yə)
n. pl. Jicarilla or Ji·ca·ril·las
A member of an Apache tribe formerly inhabiting southeast Colorado and northern New Mexico and ranging eastward to the Great Plains, with a present-day population in northern New Mexico.

[American Spanish (Apaches de la) Jicarilla, (Apaches of the) Jicarilla, probably diminutive of jícara, chocolate-cup (from the shape of a local hill), perhaps from Nahuatl xicalli, gourd, drinking vessel.]
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The project is critical to providing a much-needed, long-term, sustainable water supply for people on the Navajo and Jicarilla Apache reservations and the City of Gallup.
Caption: Figure 12: TYPE 2-Apache moccasins, probably Jicarilla, circa 1880, with pointed, upturned toes, heel fringe, V-shaped gore insert, repeated diagonal stripe covering the gore seams, and small fringe to pointed end of gore.
New Mexico is home to 22 federally recognized American Indian tribes--19 distinct Pueblo, Jicarilla Apache, Mescalero Apache, and Eastern Navajo Nation--and 10.
144) A former Chief Judge of the Jicarilla Apache Supreme Court has noted that "Mainstream Americans.
Caption: Eryn Wise from Jicarilla Apache Reservation in Minneapolis and Linda Black Elk from Standing Rock, N.
1963): Origin and age of superficial structures, Jicarilla Mountains, Central New Mexico.
For the best trophy potential, look to the northwest part of the state, particularly Rio Arriba County, much of which is part of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation.
com> (crime victims rights include notice of medical services, victim compensation, contact information for a crime victim advocate within a 24-hour period, special provisions for a speedy trial, and separate physical court waiting areas for victims of violence); Jicarilla Apache Nation Tribal Code, Tide 3, c 5, [section] 3 (sanctions, including confinement, fines, and mandatory participation in domestic violence programs); White Mountain Apache Criminal Code, c 6, [section] 6.
You can also watch dance competitions and browse Zuni silver-and-turquoise jewelry and Jicarilla Apache river-willow baskets.
Tator, Wildlife Biologist for the Jicarilla Apache Nation, for any data on releases or observations of sage-grouse near Stinking Lake or on tribal lands.
Is there any difference between Jicarilla Apaches and Algonquian Ojibways?