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 (hē′kə-rē′yə, -rēl′yə)
n. pl. Jicarilla or Ji·ca·ril·las
A member of an Apache tribe formerly inhabiting southeast Colorado and northern New Mexico and ranging eastward to the Great Plains, with a present-day population in northern New Mexico.

[American Spanish (Apaches de la) Jicarilla, (Apaches of the) Jicarilla, probably diminutive of jícara, chocolate-cup (from the shape of a local hill), perhaps from Nahuatl xicalli, gourd, drinking vessel.]
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The project is critical to providing a much-needed, long-term, sustainable water supply for people on the Navajo and Jicarilla Apache reservations and the City of Gallup.
Caption: Eryn Wise from Jicarilla Apache Reservation in Minneapolis and Linda Black Elk from Standing Rock, N.
An exhibition focusing on Jicarilla Apache basketry, micaceous pottery, and beadwork.
The hospital landed last on the Indian Health Service's (IHS) list behind a huge $225 million project in Phoenix, Arizona, serving the Four Corners area that includes members of the Navajo, Jicarilla Apache, Southern Ute, Ute Mountain Ute, and Hopi tribes.
The volume includes b&w photos, stories by the Winnebago and Jicarilla Apache for comparison, and a summary table of the O'odham orations discussed including comments.
A 30-year veteran of the Public Safety Software market, providing integrated, user-friendly, and results-driven software to nation-wide public safety, law enforcement and intelligence agencies of all sizes and tiers, today announced that the Jicarilla Apache Nation Police Department has chosen CODY Systems to upgrade its entire public safety software infrastructure.
Once completed, the NGWSP will provide a reliable municipal, industrial and domestic water supply to Navajo Nation communities, the city of Gallup, NM, Window Rock and Fort Defiance in AZ, the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry, and a portion of the Jicarilla Apache Nation Reservation.
The Jicarilla Apache Nation and an affiliate of Enterprise Products Partners L.
Independent Schools Superintendent Levi Pesata, who is a member of the Jicarilla Apache tribe, says Native American students, at least in his tribe, may be at a disadvantage partly because they are more visual and hands-on learners.
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Archery-only deer season is January 1 through 17 and Mick is licensed to hunt prime areas in Rio Arriba County; New Mexico's best mule deer genetics adjacent the fabled Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation where B&C bucks are taken annually.
Santo Domingo Pueblo, Jicarilla Apache, Laguna Pueblo, Ramah Navajo, Alamo Navajo, and Jemez Pueblo later installed their own down links to receive SIPI course.