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 (jĭ-hä′dē) or ji·had·ist (-ĭst)
n. pl. ji·ha·dis or ji·ha·dists
1. One engaged in jihad, especially one engaged in armed opposition to Western influence and to secular governments and institutions in Muslim countries or areas with Muslim populations when such opposition is perceived as fanatical or employing means that are immoderate or unlawful.
2. One considered to employ immoderate or unreasonable means in pursuit of an aim; a fanatic.

[Arabic jihādī, relating to jihad, fighting, from jihād, jihad; see jihad.]
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Noun1.Jihadist - a Muslim who is involved in a jihad
Moslem, Muslim - a believer in or follower of Islam
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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has been engaged in a fierce battle with the jihadist rebels in the northeastern countryside of Latakia these past ten days.
Since the 2012 crisis in Mali, the region has also witnessed an escalation in jihadist activity and a burgeoning of illicit migratory networks and trafficking.
"Almost all the inhabitants fled to neighbouring areas.The poor Sahel state has been battling a rising wave of jihadist attacks over the last four years which began in the north but have since spread to the east, near the border with Togo and Benin.
Burkina Faso has been battling with jihadist groups since 2015, with a marked escalation in terror attacks, which have spread to the east, near the border with Togo and Benin.
Colombo, April 28 -- Finally Islamic State (ISIS) has shown its nasty fang openly stating it is going to launch jihadist attacks in Bangladesh or West Bengal in India.
The fires still rage hours after the strikes, fanned by the dusty desert wind.IS had conquered vast territories in Syria and Iraq," the commander explains, referring to the jihadist's lightning cross-border assault in the summer of 2014.They seized ammunition and weapons from the army and all of this ended up being transferred to their last bastion," he adds.
An SDF spokesman said thousands had been evacuated from the crumbling jihadist bastion since his force dialled down its advance.
Jihadi teen should be refused entry AS far as I'm concerned Shamima Begum should never be allowed back into Britain because, in her wisdom, she thought that being a jihadist bride in war-torn Syria was a better way of life than living a normal existence in the UK.
She relates a poignant story of an imprisoned jihadist who befriended Daniel, the only Christian in the prison, began to realize he was not evil, and turned away from his group leaders' teachings.
One jihadist had already been killed and eight captured, the JOC said, and equipment including vehicles and bombs destroyed.
THE Manchester bombing displays classic jihadist tactics - inflict as much death and fear as possible at a time and venue least expected.