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Noun1.Jimi Hendrix - United States guitarist whose innovative style with electric guitars influenced the development of rock music (1942-1970)
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I owned some CDs and cassette collections from the event, but now prefer the ease of Youtube to listen to Jim Hendrix, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (now old, but among my favourites for their acoustic harmonies), Janis Joplin, Joan Baez and several others who rocked with a conscience never seen or heard before.
Musicians such as the legendary Jim Hendrix and 'The Who' performed at the festival to cheers and awe, and were believed to be their absolute greatest performances.
"It draws from all my influences - from Audioslave, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jim Hendrix, Rival Sons and beyond.
Gold discs belonging to Tyneside rock legend Chas Chandler and quirky gifts he received from Jim Hendrix could soon be up for grabs.