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Noun1.Jim Henson - United States puppeteer who created a troupe of puppet characters (1936-1990)
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'The people who have made this series, in this case Netflix and The Jim Henson Company, could have made six episodes.
This new release is the first part in a 12-issue series telling new stories from Jim Henson's mythical realm.
"Puppets are the best medium to realize these gorgeous designs because not only will they establish an immediate intimacy with our viewers, but they are also the best medium when working with children on expressing their feelings," said Halle Stanford, President of Television, The Jim Henson Company, in a prepared statement.
I feel that I am at the top of my game, and I want all of you who love the Muppets to know that I would never consider abandoning Kermit or any of the others because to do so would be to forsake the assignment entrusted to me by Jim Henson, my friend and mentor, but even more, my hero," he wrote, He adding he was devastated to have failed in his duty to his hero.
SAUGERTIES, New York (AP) -- John Henson, the son of the late Muppets creator Jim Henson, has died in New York.
The 'Poker Face' hitmaker also recently appeared on the Muppet show and tweeted that Jim Henson has to be one of the most far out dudes of all time.
The wider worlds of Jim Henson; essays on his work and legacy beyond The Muppet Show and Sesame Street.
Had Jim Henson, creator of The Muppets still been alive, he would surely have needed to look no further than our politicians for a sequel.
There's a reason that's so familiar, the organizers of a new exhibition in New York say: Jim Henson.The master puppeteer and media innovator behind pop culture icons such as Kermit the Frog and Big Bird was a creative thinker who understood the opportunities that television and technology presented, said Karen Falk, archivist for The Jim Henson Company and curator of "Jim Henson's Fantastic World."
"I grew up in a fabulously creative household," says Lisa Henson, 51, now CEO of the Jim Henson Company and the eldest of the five Henson siblings.
Which group of puppets was created by Jim Henson? Holly Willoughby - see Question 7 10.
Edgar Bronfman, some muppets and 117 East 69th Street The Upper East Side townhouse that once served as the creative headquarters of Muppets creator Jim Henson is about to hit the market for around $28 million, according to the Wall Street Journal.