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an expression of surprise (esp in the phrase by jiminy)
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jiminy (cricket)

interj (US) → Menschenskind (inf)
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In Pinocchio, there's Jiminy Cricket, the grasshopper with the topper who acts as woodentop's conscience.
In true panto style, there are a few twists to the original tale, with a kilted cat from Govan, an Irish Jiminy Cricket and a roller- blading Blue Fairy putting the audience in a spin.
Now, talking of dictators I know that Pinochet is available but I always preferred his wee mate, Jiminy Cricket.
The SSParty is likely to become what Tommy Sheridan has been - the Jiminy Cricket Party, that will act as the conscience of the new Parliament.
His closet also includes a jersey that makes him look like a hockey player, one that depicts cartoon character Jiminy Cricket swooning in the arms of Harriet Tubman and now, one that makes his appear to be a hip skateboard dude!
| Ruth Guy as Jiminy Cricket getting one in |the eye from Lizzie Saunders as Pinocchio in the production staged at Saltburn Community Theatre in January 2001.
He was an avid golfer and found joy in skiing, fishing and spending time with his dog, Jiminy Cricket in the outdoors.
We all enjoyed colourful characters like the fabulous Genie from Aladdin (a wonderful reminder of the late Robin Williams, who voiced him in the movie), Jiminy Cricket, The Lion King's comedy duo Timon and Pumbaa, plus favourites Woody, Jessie and Buzz from Toy Story.
Fearing that heading to Hollywood might be viewed as an abandonment of her sovereign duties, she seeks counsel from a sage expat American parish priest (Frank Langella, in Jiminy Cricket mode), who tells the conflicted actress that playing Princess Grace is in fact "the greatest role of your career"--an obvious sentiment that Dahan's movie nonetheless turns into a kind of rhetorical mantra.
Eleven-year-old Susan Smith starred as the mischievous puppet, with |Nicky Mallinson as Jiminy Cricket, Duncan Wright as puppet-maker Gepetto and Claire Burchill as the Blue Fairy.