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Noun1.Jinghpaw - a Kachinic language
Kachin, Kachinic - Tibeto-Burman languages spoken in northernmost Burma and adjacent China and India
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it was the trade in iron more than everything else which gave the early Jinghpaw power and which enabled the gumsa to become feudal satellites of the Shan rather than their serfs'.
These mini-essays range across topics such as India's village panchayat system, the concept of the "lost book" (Shanhpyi Laika), and the Jinghpaw term Hkaku--an ambiguous notion referring to groups "upriver".
There is, for example, Skaw Karen, Asho Chin, Shan and Jinghpaw programming.
Drawing on data from four languages that belong to different Jamilies (Cree, Navajo, Jinghpaw, and Japanese), I discuss that the empathy-based approach ( i) provides a uniform analysis of DIO-systems in different languages, as well as the yaru/kureru opposition in Japanese, which have been believed to be controlled by different sets of syntactic/ semantic factors, and (ii) dispenses with construction-specific rules/ constraints such as the person constraint, the possessive constraint, and the ban on multiple proximates within a clause.
Algonquian: Cree [Dahlstrom 1986; Wolfart 1973], Blackfoot [Pustet 1995], Ojibwa [Rhodes 1990; Jelinek 1990], Athabaskan: Navajo [Young and Morgan 1980; Hale 1973], TibetoBurman: Jinghpaw [DeLancey 1981b], Nootkan [Whistler 1985]; Otomanguean: Sochiapan Chinantec [Foris 1993]; see Klaiman 1991 and Givon 1994 for more references) (a subset of) transitive/ditransitive verbs have two forms called DIRECT and INVERSE.
Languages like Jinghpaw (Kachin) occupy an intermediate position, with contrastive tones on all roots, but many unstressed and tonally marginal prefixal syllables.
83), while the tonal split in Jinghpaw and Khiamngan stopped syllables "can only be understood on the basis of a morphologically complex predecessor stage of Proto-Barish" (p.
The local ethnonyms of Wunpawng or Jinghpaw have been promoted as more appropriate terms.
This work was based on both current and past fieldwork and on his standing as a Jinghpaw aristocrat.
dissertation on Jinghpaw and comparative Tibeto-Burman phonology.
The language spoken by the Kachins is known as Chingpaw or Jinghpaw.
Cette situation fait penser a celle que decrit Leach (1977) dans les Etats kachin voisins ou cohabitent Shans et Jinghpaws et ou l'inversion de la signification hierarchique donnee a l'alliance par ces populations (les premiers hypergamiques comme les rois Birmans de ces legendes et les seconds hypogamiques) a pu jouer un role dans la subordination des seconds par les premiers.