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The company will station a Brazilian manufactured Phenom300 model aircraft on Jinmen and Italian AugustaWestland 169 helicopters on Penghu and Kinmen, which can be quickly requisitioned for emergency use by the public when necessary.
Until Jan 20 Kong Qian: Jinmen in Jinmen in Evolution
Taipei turned Jinmen (Quemoy) and Mazu (Matsu), offshore islands in close proximity to the Chinese mainland, into heavily fortified strongholds, stationing as many as 100,000 soldiers.
In these mid-seventeenth-century battles, centered on the islands of Taiwan, Jinmen, and Xiamen off the southeast coast of China, so stunningly retold and expertly contextualized both in their regional milieu and in the historical theories of engagement between "East" and "West," the Chinese emerged victorious.
A PLA invasion of a medium-sized, defended offshore island such as Mazu or Jinmen is within Chinas capabilities." (33) Therefore, while Chinas amphibious assets remain focused on the Taiwan Strait, they appear capable of assaults against small, lightly defended islands, potentially including Miyako, Ishigaki, or Yonaguni.
The PRC's bombardment of Jinmen (Quemoy) near Taiwan in the summer of 1958, however, caught Moscow off guard.
(1) In September 1958, China reaffirmed its claim to these islands when it asserted rights to territorial waters during the Jinmen crisis.
Besides adapting these four locations from Han grand rhapsody, Zhang also included three additional real places: Qianjin, Jinmen, and Qianqiu.
The ROC effectively exercises jurisdiction over the islands of Taiwan, Penghu, Jinmen and Mazu--a fact no one can deny" (Li, James, and Drury 2009, 378; my italics).