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Noun1.Jirrbal - a language of Australian aborigines
Aboriginal Australian, Australian - the Austronesian languages spoken by Australian aborigines
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For example, the author of Jirrbal: Rainforest Dreamtime Stories (Barlow, 2001) is one of the few surviving elders of her language group and a teacher of the Jirrbal people in Australia.
Pedley, Helen 1993 Ginyam Wuju Ngaba: Poisonous fruit of the rainforest made into food by the Jirrbal and Girramay people, manuscript and photographs held by AIATSIS, Canberra.
* Djomi Dream Child by Chris Fry of the Northern Territory his tribal group is Burarra and illustrated by Delphine Sarago-Kendrick, Queensland, a descendant of the Yidinji and Jirrbal people, offers a simple introduction to the Dreamtime.
The Jirrbal and Girramay people of Jumbum (1992) in the Upper Murray region (adjacent to the legally declared Wet Tropics World Heritage Area), record four noun markers in place of the one English noun marker "the".
The narrative story by Christopher Fry (who is from Maningrida, a remote town on the coast of central Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory and whose tribal group is Burarra) is perfectly enhanced with the heart-felt artwork of Delphine Sarago-Kendrick, a descendant of the Yidinji and Jirrbal people of far north Queensland.