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also jiz·yah  (jēz′yə)
Under traditional shari'a law, a poll tax levied on non-Muslim subjects of an Islamic state.

[Arabic jizya, from Syriac gzitā, poll tax, from emphatic state of gazyā, feminine of gzē, paid, passive participle of gzā, to pay; akin to Arabic jazā, to repay, give recompense, and Sabaean gzyt, award, commendation (sense uncertain).]
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"I condemn the modern day Aurangzeb who has imposed a jizya (tax) on the devotees for visiting their lord.
And we tell the American people give me jizya (a tax).
'The Jizya' came the reply, and Hazrat Umar ordered that he be looked after at public expense.
The Islamic system of Zakat for the Muslims and Jizya for the protection of the non-Muslims or Dimmies was established.
If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the jizya [a tax on unbelievers].
Since the Islamic State is responsible for the protection of life, honour, and property of the minorities and they do not have any other obligation with regard to defence, they are liable to contribute financially to the Islamic state in the form of Jizya. Even with regard to the imposition of Jizya on the minorities, Islam has taught about justice.
(73) Jizya is a per capita yearly tax imposed on non-Muslim people.
AboutAbraham: Set against the backdrop of ISIS' imposition of the "jizya" or tax on non-Muslims in its territories, a Christian family devises a plan to protect its only daughter.
Some terms remain untranslated: jizya, nasi', zihar, hanif, etc.
In the capital and the provinces, the government recognized a spiritual head of each community as having a certain legal jurisdiction and being responsible for collecting the jizya [the poll tax on every adult male] and maintaining order.
Participants stated that Christians must pay poll tax (Jizya) as sharia demands.