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Noun1.employment contract - contract between employer and employee
contract - a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
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Zia said the JIT did not find any other job contract of former prime minister.
The embassy's attestation is not a mandatory requirement under the UAE laws to renew a maid's job contract and employers are free to renew it.
Official sources at MoIT on anonymity revealed that job contract of Member Legal Ameena Sohail expired one month back.
A new format of job contract is expected to be issued by the authorities concerned to accommodate the changes.
In Article 7 of Labor Law, job contract has been defined as "An oral or written agreement whereby a worker in return of a wage does a work for a temporary or non-temporary period of time for the employer".
"The problem we see is the employer or family has no contact with the worker until they reach Bahrain and a proper job contract will make things clear to everyone."
Prime minister Dominique de Villepin said the first job contract - which made it easier for employers to fire any worker under 26 - would go.
Abu Dhabi: The Indonesian Embassy in Abu Dhabi will not attest the job contract of Indonesian housemaids working in the UAE if the contract does not meet the new criteria laid down by the embassy, a top diplomat told Gulf News on Saturday.
We need to ensure that all employees have a proper job contract given by the company.