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 (jŏd′pər, jōd′po͝or′)
A city of western India southwest of Delhi. Center of a former princely state founded in the 1200s, it is an important wool market.


1. (Placename) a former state of NW India, one of the W Rajputana states: now part of Rajasthan
2. (Placename) a walled city in NW India, in W Rajasthan: university (1962). Pop: 846 408 (2001)


(ˈdʒɒd pər)

1. jodhpurs, (used with a pl. v.) riding breeches cut very full over the hips and tapering at the knees to become tightfitting from the knees to the ankles.
2. Also called jodh′pur shoe`, jodh′pur boot`. an ankle-high shoe worn with such breeches, having a strap that encircles the ankle and buckles on the side.
[1895–1900; after Jodhpur]


(ˈdʒɒd pər, ˈdʒoʊd pʊər)

1. Also called Marwar. a former state in NW India, now part of Rajasthan.
2. a city in central Rajasthan, in NW India. 494,000.
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Noun1.jodhpur - a short riding boot that fastens with a buckle at the side
riding boot - a boot without laces that is worn for riding horses; part of a riding habit