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A city of north-central California west of Sacramento. A branch of the University of California (established 1905) is here.


1. (Biography) Sir Andrew (Frank). born 1944, British conductor; chief conductor of the BBC Symphony Orchestra (1989–2000) and of the Chicago Lyric Opera from 2000
2. (Biography) Bette (ˈbɛtɪ), real name Ruth Elizabeth Davis. 1908–89, US film actress, whose films include Of Human Bondage (1934), Jezebel (1938) for which she won an Oscar, All About Eve (1950), Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962), The Nanny (1965), and The Whales of August (1987)
3. (Biography) Sir Colin (Rex). 1927–2013, English conductor, noted for his interpretation of the music of Berlioz
4. (Biography) Jefferson. 1808–89, president of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War (1861–65)
5. (Biography) Joe. 1901–78, English billiards and snooker player: world champion from 1927 to 1946
6. (Biography) John. Also called: John Davys. ?1550–1605, English navigator: discovered the Falkland Islands (1592); searched for a Northwest Passage
7. (Biography) Miles (Dewey). 1926–91, US jazz trumpeter and composer
8. (Biography) Steve. born 1957, English snooker player: world champion 1981, 1983–84, 1987–89


(ˈdeɪ vɪs)

1. Bet•te (ˈbɛt i) (Ruth Elizabeth Davis), 1908-89, U.S. film actress.
2. Jefferson, 1808–89, president of the Confederate States of America 1861–65.
3. Miles (Dewey, Jr.), 1926–91, U.S. jazz trumpeter.
4. Sammy, Jr., 1925–90, U.S. singer and entertainer.
5. Stuart, 1894–1964, U.S. painter and illustrator.
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Noun1.Davis - English navigator who explored the Arctic while searching for the Northwest Passage (1550-1605)Davis - English navigator who explored the Arctic while searching for the Northwest Passage (1550-1605)
2.Davis - United States painter who developed an American version of cubism (1894-1964)Davis - United States painter who developed an American version of cubism (1894-1964)
3.Davis - United States jazz musicianDavis - United States jazz musician; noted for his trumpet style (1926-1991)
4.Davis - American statesmanDavis - American statesman; president of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War (1808-1889)
5.Davis - United States tennis player who donated the Davis Cup for international team tennis competition (1879-1945)
6.Davis - United States film actress (1908-1989)Davis - United States film actress (1908-1989)
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B Capital Group, a global venture capital firm that invests in pioneering healthcare, fintech, industrial logistics, and consumer enablement companies that are scaling worldwide, has announced key appointments to its core executive team, including Howard Morgan as Chairman and Joe Davis as Vice Chairman, the company said.
Other announcing teams include Joe Davis and Brady Quinn and Tim Brando and Spencer Tillman.
Joe Davis, who used to work on the players' entrance at The Hawthorns, passed away this week.
Fleetwood v Blackpool Shola Ameobi (hamstring) could make a first Fleetwood start in a month, with Joe Davis (ankle) also back.
Following the transaction, AgriLogic President and CEO Joe Davis will retain in his role, reporting to Brian Boornazian, chairman, Aspen Re and AgriLogic will form part of Aspens existing reinsurance operations, led by Michael Dicker, group head of Agriculture.
The Pontiff presented Kim and Joe Davis each with a Rosary that he personally blessed.
QI have a Joe Davis 600 century break snooker cue in excellent condition.
BORN ARTHUR Ashe, US tennis champion, 1943 VIRGINIA Wade, British tennis champion, 1945 JAKE LaMotta, US boxing champion, 1921, above DIED MEL Blanc, US cartoon voice, 1989 JOE Davis, UK snooker player, 1978, above HENRY II, King of France, 1559
8220;We are excited to have such a dynamic trio as our co-chairs for our inaugural Ball,” said Joe Davis, Chairman/Director of the Hearts Beat as One Foundation.
But it was 22-year-old Sophie Crossland and 28-year-old Joe Davis, who won the trophy on the night for their performance of Angels by Robbie Williams.
Also on the bill are Honest Jon's Records' DJ HARVand JOE DAVIS from Brazilian label Far Out Recordings, and one-time Gorillaz sound-system star JOSE CARRETAS.
Off-colour Vale enjoyed a let-off in the fifth minute when Chuks Aneke fired wide after some sloppy defending by Joe Davis.