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Noun1.Joe DiMaggio - United States professional baseball player noted for his batting ability (1914-1999)
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She was married at the time to US baseball star Joe Di Maggio and the X-rays bear her married name, Marilyn Di Maggio.
Ciertos retratos realizados por Salas en esa epoca nos llegan hasta hoy con una fuerza notable, como los que muestran a Sara Montiel en pose de peinetera, al pelotero Joe Di Maggio en su momento de gloria, a Salvador Dali con sus bigotes de manubrio y a Rocky Marciano sangrante pero sonriente despues de una victoria sobre el cuadrilatero del Madison.
The x-ray is marked 'Marilyn Di Maggio' and date to around the time the actress was divorcing her second husband, US baseball star Joe Di Maggio.
The shot was blamed for the huge rift between Marilyn and her then husband Joe Di Maggio that led to their break-up but Edie said her dad never regretted taking the image.
We caught the Yankees against the Kansas City Royals and settled down with our beer and foot-long hot dogs to enjoy quizzes, a sing song, disco-dancing groundsmen, chest-beating patriotism and even some baseball history, with Yankees skipper Derek Jeeter making his 2,000th hit and joining the ranks of Yankees all-time greats such as Babe Ruth and Joe Di Maggio.
Eventually her marriage to Arthur Miller broke up as had her marriages to a merchant seaman when she was 15 and Joe Di Maggio, the famous baseball player.
Bars and restaurants such as TGI Friday were packed and stacked with baseball gloves, basketballs, American football helmets and sepia-tinted photographs of Joe Di Maggio.
Just as long as he's finished the ironing, natch, as I'm sure Joe di Maggio, Arthur Miller and Frank Sinatra all did.
On the sports page, young Joe Di Maggio is touted as the best outfielder in baseball.