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Noun1.Joseph McCarthy - United States politician who unscrupulously accused many citizens of being Communists (1908-1957)
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Owner Amy Jones, 38, her partner Joe McCarthy, 39, and her dad Rob, 67, take the do-or-die dog strapped to their laps as they leap from mountain ledges.
In February 1950, Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin produced a list of more than 200 State Department employees he claimed were communists or communist sympathisers.
I had learned about Joe McCarthy in school, and while I recognized that McCarthy had gone overboard with his communist witch hunts, I also felt that he had served an important purpose and had done a great service by making communism a dirty word and driving its adherents from the mainstream.
Also highly commended was Jessica Jaques, who gave an impressive vocal performance of Dear Mr Gable by James V Monaco and Joe McCarthy. This bursary was set up in memory of two great musicians who strongly supported music in Solihull and at the college.
Associate vice chairman Joe McCarthy, vice president for Metro Atlantic at Bimbo Bakeries, and treasurer Mike Rothwell, vice president and general manager of Pennington Quality Market, will continue in their roles for another term.
The gumchewing baseball player is Joe DiMaggio and the creepy senator is Joe McCarthy.
The fear of communism was so pronounced, Senator Joe McCarthy was permitted to trample countless Americans suspected of harbouring even the vaguest sympathies for Russia.
The taxpayerfunded payoff to Joe McCarthy was one of two totalling more than half a million pounds made to senior Cleveland Police figures.
1950: United States Senator Joe McCarthy accuses more than 200 staff in the State Department of being communists.
Not since Joe McCarthy, the demagogue and bully who rose to political prominence in the early 1950s by blatantly distorting the truth, has there been a public figure like Donald Trump, the Republican front runner with a penchant for telling "the big lie" about anything from President Obama's birthplace to Mexican immigrants' putative criminality, and from how African Americans are responsible for most white homicides to how "thousands and thousands" of Arabs in New Jersey City cheered as the Twin Towers were attacked on 9/11 - along with a host of other fantastical tales in between.
The jury also heard about student Joe McCarthy, 21, from London.
6 Joe McCarthy established the managerial record for most 100-win seasons with six.