Joe Sixpack

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Joe′ Six′pack

or Joe′ Six′-pack

(ˈsɪks pæk)
Slang. the average or typical blue-collar man.
[1975–80, Amer.]
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3V Gear offers quality gear for the outdoors person, prepper, and Joe Sixpack," said Shaughn O'Neill, Account Manager at AffiliateManager.
It's an indication that craft is starting to appeal more to Joe Sixpack and the folks that were drinking mainstream lagers.
Any hint that Joe Sixpack in the US will see his consumer spending fall due to fiscal drag, any hint that the PBOC will abandon easy money to combat inflation, means a bloodbath on Wall Street.
Creole proverbs abound as she gauges the temperature of Fred Voodoo, Haiti's version of Joe Sixpack.
To hear the Vivos Group's RobertVicino tell it, Uncle Sam is definitely not a part of Apocalypse America's welcome wagon, at least if you're Joe Sixpack.
Joe Sixpack, driving his 15 mpg Dodge RAM pickup, is now forking over an extra $1,200 per year in gas expenditures, not to mention more for everything impacted by oil such as food, utilities, and anything transported to their local Wal-Mart by truck (everything).
Combined with increased Democratic acceptance of free-market economic orthodoxy, this has left Joe the Plumber, Joe Sixpack, and all the other ordinary Joes little reason to examine or doubt the half-truths fed to them by corporate America's friends on the Right.
Politics: Lawmakers will think twice about raising cost of beer for Joe Sixpack in tough economic times
We don't think an economic recession is anytime to levy a tax against Joe Sixpack," he said.
Joe Sixpack (and Joe Plumber, who emerged in the final debate) may resent the excesses of Wall Street, but Joe's also the guy who's been buying homes he can't afford and running up credit card debt.
Well, just watch on Saturday (wink, wink, you betcha, Jo and Joe Sixpack, doggone it).
There are few in Philadelphia who will forget that April day in 1998, in that cadaver-cold dump they called the Vet, when Joe Sixpack became a star.