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 (jŏg′yə-kär′tə, jôk′jä-)


(ˌdʒəʊɡjɑːˈkɑːtɑː; ˌdʒɒɡ-)
(Placename) a former spelling of Yogyakarta


(ˌdʒɒg dʒəˈkɑr tə, ˌdʒoʊg-)

a city in central Java, in S Indonesia. 398,727.
Dutch, Djokjakarta.
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Mount Merapi, an active volcano near the city of Jogjakarta, is the site of widespread illegal sand mining.
Street Foods: Report of an FAO expert consultation Jogjakarta, India.
With high hopes that their loved one would be freed soon and spared from execution, the family of Filipino drug convict Mary Jane Veloso paid a visit to her last week at the Wirongunan Lembaga prison in Jogjakarta, Indonesia to celebrate her 32nd birthday.
Mary Jane Veloso to check on her condition in Wirogunan Prison in Jogjakarta Indonesia from November 9-11, 2016.
A collaborative project was suggested between the craftswomen, SMK1 Rota students, and a group of established graffiti artists from the thriving art scene in Jogjakarta.
The arguments are fresh, the stories full of colour, and, through Van Mook and beyond Van Mook, there is much to be learned--about Malang of the hero's childhood; Soerabaja of his HBS; Delft, Leiden, and Amsterdam of the drunken lustrums (Van Mook looks sober in the picture); his student politics, his student theatre, and his marriage; his time in the Indies as an ambitious ambtenaar; Semarang, Jogjakarta of the nineteen-thirties; and finally Batavia, where Van Mook had risen to the top of the Indies hierarchy, Toean naik pangkat, as the family baboe commented.
Heritage Pass that offers the most culturally rich destinations such as Jogjakarta, Solo, Semarang, Surabaya, Banyuwangi, Bandung, Denpasar, Tambolaka, Padang, Gunung Sitoli, and Makassar.
Journeys to tuberculosis treatment: a qualitative study of patients, families and communities in Jogjakarta, Indonesia.
A Study of Constructing Timber Architecture: Merging the Skills of Architect, Carpenter and Masonry Workers, in proceeding: iNTA Conference 2006, Harmony in Culture and Nature, on 3-5 April 2007 at Jogjakarta, Indonesia.
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However, reports of duck deaths and a higher than usual mortality rate (100% in some outbreaks) in backyard farms in Central Java, Jogjakarta, and East Java Provinces, Indonesia, in September 2012 triggered a joint outbreak investigation by animal and public health authorities (6).