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 (jō-hăn′ĭs-bûrg′, -hä′nĭs-)
The largest city of South Africa, in the northeast part of the country northwest of Durban. Founded in 1886 after the discovery of gold nearby, it is a major industrial center.


(Placename) a city in N South Africa; the capital of Gauteng province: South Africa's largest city and chief industrial centre; grew with the establishment in 1886 of the gold-mining industry; University of Witwatersrand (1922). Pop: 957 441 (2011)


(dʒoʊˈhæn ɪsˌbɜrg, -ˈhɑ nɪs-, yoʊ-)

a city in S Transvaal, in the NE Republic of South Africa. 1,609,408.
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Noun1.Johannesburg - city in the northeastern part of South Africa near PretoriaJohannesburg - city in the northeastern part of South Africa near Pretoria; commercial center for diamond and gold industries
Republic of South Africa, South Africa - a republic at the southernmost part of Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1910; first European settlers were Dutch (known as Boers)
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The news that came from South Africa was less reassuring, and Philip with anxiety saw that his shares had fallen to two; but Macalister was optimistic, the Boers couldn't hold out much longer, and he was willing to bet a top-hat that Roberts would march into Johannesburg before the middle of April.
They said that my uncle was a friend of theirs, that he had died some months before in great poverty in Johannesburg, and that he had asked them with his last breath to hunt up his relations, and see that they were in no want.
Holmes, and it is the only time that ever I knew what love was-- it fairly drove me mad to think that she was in the power of the greatest brute and bully in South Africa--a man whose name is a holy terror from Kimberley to Johannesburg.
For example, to call Johannesburg, you would dial 011 (international code), then 27 (country code), 11 (the local exchange for the city), plus the number.
This eclectic, multicultural festival was founded by Marilyn Jenkins and Adrienne Sichel, two theater journalists aware of the enormous practical difficulties that both seasoned and emergent choreographers in Johannesburg and Soweto must overcome in order to stage their work.
FCB Johannesburg has only recently started working with Lego and has received numerous accolades and awards prior to receiving the Grand Prix.
Johannesburg [South Africa], Dec 17 ( ANI ): India won nine gold, seven silver and four bronze medals on the second day of the Commonwealth Wrestling Championship in South Africa's Johannesburg.
The carrier has disclosed that it has obtained clearance from the Governments of Zimbabwe and South Africa to manage flight operations amid the two African nations, following which it has planned these newest international routes from Johannesburg to Harare and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.
Johannesburg [South Africa], Feb 10 ( ANI ): India will aim to clinch their first-ever series win in South Africa when the two sides play their fourth ODI of the six-match series at the Wanderers in Johannesburg later on Saturday.
SAA operates six times a week between Johannesburg and Libreville.
The investigators restricted their analysis to young men who reported having ever had vaginal sex, being currently married or having ever been in a romantic relationship, and for whom data on IPV perpetration were available, which resulted in a final sample of 723 (224 in Baltimore, 256 in Johannesburg, 84 in New Delhi and 159 in Shanghai).
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