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Noun1.John Adams - 2nd President of the United States (1735-1826)John Adams - 2nd President of the United States (1735-1826)
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"Here, was another great man," remarked Laurence, pointing to the portrait of John Adams.
John Adams, the second President of the United States and the equal of crowned kings, was once a schoolmaster and country lawyer.
A passage was given to this gentleman by the government of the United States in the John Adams, an armed vessel, bound for Europe.
In this powerful, epic biography, David McCullough unfolds the adventurous life-journey of John Adams, the brilliant, fiercely independent, often irascible, always honest Yankee patriot -- "the colossus of independence," as Thomas Jefferson called him -- who spared nothing in his zeal for the American Revolution.
Both John Adams and John Quincy Adams disdained a two-party political system.
John Adams, before he was president, became a target for ridicule after he defended British soldiers charged in connection with the Boston Massacre.
John Adams, Slavery, and Race: Ideas, Politics, and Diplomacy in an Age of Crisis
In July 1774, Jonathan Sewall (1729-96), attorney general of Massachusetts, met with his longtime friend John Adams (1735-1826) for what they both thought would be the last time.
It began with American composer John Adams' exhilarating "foxtrot for orchestra" The Chairman Dances.
John Adams MBE, who died at the end of last month, was well known as the proud owner of E Ashtons Fishmongers in Cardiff Market.
Antonin Scalia loved the Constitution, and so did John Adams. John Adams said that the U.S.