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Noun1.John C. Fremont - United States explorer who mapped much of the American west and Northwest (1813-1890)John C. Fremont - United States explorer who mapped much of the American west and Northwest (1813-1890)
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Whither the Waters: Mapping the Great Basin From Bernardo de Miera to John C. Fremont
Telling the extraordinary story of John C. Fremont's life as an explorer is nearly impossible to do without using words such as "courageous" and "visionary" right next to the words "contradictory," "enigmatic," and "rash." Fremont has confounded historians who have both praised and crucified him while attempting to determine his historical significance.
This dynamic probably applies to John C. Fremont. Fremont is known primarily for two events.
Utley, former Chief Historian of the National Park Service, is particularly strong in his treatment of Kit Carson and John C. Fremont and the multiple expeditions Fremont led with Carson at his side.
The trail was used by early 19th-century explorers John C. Fremont and Kit Carson, as well as by mountain man Jedediah Smith.
Upon reviewing the case, General John C. Fremont, the military governor of occupied Missouri, released Aubuchon -- not because Fremont concluded that the verdict was inherently unjust, but because the supposed offense occurred before the state was placed under martial law.
The lecture over, Royce returned once more to the study of philosophy." (15) In fact, Royce began research in Bancroft's library in 1884 and stopped writing directly about California history in 1891 when his several publishers--Robert Underwood Johnson, Millicent Shinn, and Horace Scudder--told him that the reading public had had enough of his meticulous work, especially on John C. Fremont, due to circumstances explained below.
There are places in the American West--a mountaintop, say, or a parking lot--where you can stand and know that right there, at precisely those coordinates, more than 150 years ago, John C. Fremont stopped, opened his journal, and wrote down what he saw.
A NEWER WORLD: Kit Carson, John C. Fremont, and the Claiming of the American West BY DAVID ROBERTS SIMON & SCHUSTER 2000, 320 PAGES, $25.00
Alas, just a year later, explorer John C. Fremont sadly noted "a fine, tall pine stretched on the ground .
Exploring with Fremont: The Private Diaries of Charles Preuss, Cartographer for John C. Fremont on his First, Second and Fourth Expeditions to the Far West (1958) was translated and edited by Erwin G.
John C. Fremont (1813-90), one of the most colorful and controversial figures in nineteenth-century U.S.