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Noun1.John Calvin - Swiss theologian (born in France) whose tenets (predestination and the irresistibility of grace and justification by faith) defined Presbyterianism (1509-1564)John Calvin - Swiss theologian (born in France) whose tenets (predestination and the irresistibility of grace and justification by faith) defined Presbyterianism (1509-1564)
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I'd like to update you on the situation of John Calvin, mentioned in the February Pop Christianity article.
Martin Luther and John Calvin are equally concerned about the church's attitude and Chung outlines their worries in Chapter Two.
Hastings also incorporates a rich array of other sources, including patristic literature, John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, Miroslav Volf, and Orlando Costas.
He was preceded in death by his parents, Ruth Naomi and John Calvin Brotherton; and sister Jill Helen.
FINDING GOD: A TREASURY OF CONVERSION STORIES offers writings from Martin Luther, John Calvin, Oral Roberts, Leo Tolstoy, Thomas Merton and other major thinkers and writers and packs in some sixty inspirational stories of life-changing events that involved religious conversion.
For a detailed discussion of the influence of Augustine and, especially, Bernard on Calvin see Lane, John Calvin, 87-150.
This volume provides a substantial contribution to a topic that has received relatively little scholarly attention: the history of Reformed Protestantism in southeastern Europe--and specifically in Hungary and Transylvania--from the time of John Calvin up to (and beyond) the early twentieth century.
After John Calvin (1509-64) witnessed the Council of Trent, the enforcing of the Augsburg Interim, and the Peace of Augsburg, argues Balserak (religious studies, U.
John Calvin was a major figure in the Protestant Reformation and his teachings would influence not only key members of his generation, but would continue to wield great authority, provide enduring inspiration, and impact the beliefs for his followers down to the present generation.
John Calvin, a French theologian of the Protestant Reformation, publishes his groundbreaking Institutes of the Christian Religion, in Basel, Switzerland, in which he expounds the Calvinist doctrine of predestination, justification by faith alone and the supremacy of God in selecting individuals for salvation.
The book series is one element of the broader Calvin Quincentenary, an international, multidisciplinary, and nondenominational celebration of the life and work of John Calvin, corresponding to the five-hundredth anniversary of his 1509 birth.
John Calvin Hudson III pleaded guilty Tuesday to 10 counts of first-degree encouraging child sexual abuse.