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Noun1.John Cheever - United States writer of novels and short stories (1912-1982)John Cheever - United States writer of novels and short stories (1912-1982)
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I even had a good book with me, the complete stories of John Cheever, but all I read, while reclined on a flurry of wind, was a single story.
John Cheever wrote only in his underwear, while Victor Hugo took off all his clothes and wrote while wrapped in a blanket.
Writers profiled include Dorothy Parker, William Faulkner, John Cheever, Carson McCullers, Charles Bukowski, Anne Sexton, and Raymond Carver.
And John Cheever's short stories, which covered the same WASP ground as Pete's plays but in a different way entirely, also pointed the way toward dramatic conflict that was hidden or shimmering with transparency, muted but utterly involving.
Y no se quien exactamente entra bajo el paraguas del "minimalismo", pero hay otros escritores a quienes he disfrutado y que creo comparten cierto adn creativo con Carver: Richard Yates, Andre Dubus, John Cheever y Leonard Michaels.
Enrique Vila-Matas, en cambio, recrea en 'Peggy no se caso" la primera serie de su vida, Lo inesperado, que vio en 1959, y destaca la influencia que ha tenido la narrativa de John Cheever sobre Weiner.
The Impossible Craft concludes with an account of the contentious circumstances surrounding publication of Donaldson's 1988 biography of John Cheever. Honest about the mistakes he made along the way--not in the work itself but in his interactions with Cheever's survivors--Donaldson considers, in retrospect, the possibility that perhaps the work, too, was flawed.
(1994), Terrence McNally explained that he found the phrase, complete with exclamation points, in "an entry in John Cheever's journals.
Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Cheever, Tennessee Williams, John Berryman and Raymond Carver--each a genius writer, each a self-destructing alcoholic.
-- For all the bleak musings about suburban life in his fiction -- the banality and social striving, the emptiness and inebriation -- John Cheever had a simple love for his 5-acre property here.
The Trip to Echo Spring is Laing's personal odyssey, inspired by John Cheever's mythic short story "The Swimmer," in which Neddy Merrill decides to swim his way home, as if his neighbors' pools were a river cruise with stopovers where he could drink, when welcomed.
White, Lillian Ross, Dorothy Parker, Edmund Wilson, John Cheever, and J.D.