John Dalton

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Noun1.John Dalton - English chemist and physicist who formulated atomic theory and the law of partial pressuresJohn Dalton - English chemist and physicist who formulated atomic theory and the law of partial pressures; gave the first description of red-green color blindness (1766-1844)
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The road remains closed from St Mary's Gate to John Dalton Street.
Among the other 356 donors were Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman and Kane County Circuit Court Judge John Dalton.
John Dalton, who had 12 different identities, falsely claimed repayments from HMRC but skipped bail and fled abroad in 2007.
As part of the enabling works package, the 30,000 sq ft John Dalton West will be demolished.
Thursday, July 5 Woodlands Park Floral Art Club is hosting Summer Splendour and Cake Stall with John Dalton at 7pm in Daverson Hall, Elmwood Avenue, Woodlands Park, North Gosforth.
Bass player John Dalton will travel to Kings Heath on Sunday, May 20, for KinKs Heath Fest, marking the band's appearance at the famed Ritz Ballroom.
James Lamb started the business and was probably one of the country's top designers from 1850-85, with showrooms in John Dalton Street.
The annual tractor run was at risk of folding until it was rescued at the very last minute by Shaun Heap, of Hade Edge, and John Dalton of Hade Edge Football Club.
Silver-gilt Royal Medals have been awarded annually since 1836, when celebrated English chemist John Dalton was the first recipient.
Bass guitarist John Dalton is returning with other ex-Kinks members to headline as The Kast Off Kinks at the Hare and Hounds at 7.30pm.
John Dalton, who joined the original Kinks in 1969 and left in 1976, founded the Kast Off Kinks in 1994, to keep the music playing, with Mick Avory, John Gosling and Dave Clark.
The authors profile Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, John Dalton, Humphry Davy, and eighteen other chemists of note in chronological order.