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Noun1.John Donne - English clergyman and metaphysical poet celebrated as a preacher (1572-1631)John Donne - English clergyman and metaphysical poet celebrated as a preacher (1572-1631)
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"Not Gibbon; no; d'you happen to have Modern Love or John Donne ?
Manuscript of works by the poet John Donne is at risk of being lost abroad unless a UK buyer can step in to save it
John Donne and Early Modern Legal Culture: The End of Equity in the Satyres.
11-14; and Robin Robbins, ed., The Complete Poems of John Donne, rev.
When the explorer Walter Raleigh wasn't imprisoned he would frequent the tavern too, as would the poet John Donne. An informal gathering of writers and intellectuals called the "Sireniacal Gentleman" often met at the Mermaid (alongside a group with the similarly unlikely name of the "Damned Crew").
Widely-tipped poets John Donne and Eavan Boland appeared along with a "refreshingly straightforward" comparative section.
Guibbory, Achsah, Returning to John Donne, Farnham, Ashgate, 2015; hardback; pp.
John Donne and Religious Authority in the Reformed English Church.
Set in England in the year 1604, Love's Alchemy: A John Donne Mystery is a dark novel of intrigue, Machiavellian political maneuvering, spywork, and the crossroads of history.
The program will also showcase a performance of Ernest Bloch's Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra and Piano Obbligato, featuring pianist Loren Fishman, and Nativity after John Donne - a new work by local composer Justin Merritt.
Over the course of the play Zoe reflects on her life and her condition through the details of the English language, especially the use of wit in the metaphysical poetry of John Donne, and continuously recites Donne's Holy Sonnet X, Death Be Not Proud.
John Donne's "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning" has been the subject of endless critical speculation regarding the sources and inspiration for its famed metaphysical conceits, symbolizing the intratextual lovers and the spiritual perfection of their love.