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Noun1.John Drew - United States actor (born in Ireland)John Drew - United States actor (born in Ireland); father of Georgiana Emma Barrymore (1827-1862)
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Hordle John drew the back of his hand across his mouth, fixed his eyes upon the corner of the ceiling, and bellowed forth, in a voice which made the torches flicker, the southland ballad for which he had been asked:-- The franklin he hath gone to roam, The franklin's maid she bides at home, But she is cold and coy and staid, And who may win the franklin's maid?
Young John drew tears from his eyes by finishing the picture with a tombstone in the adjoining churchyard, close against the prison wall, bearing the following touching inscription: 'Sacred to the Memory Of JOHN CHIVERY, Sixty years Turnkey, and fifty years Head Turnkey, Of the neighbouring Marshalsea, Who departed this life, universally respected, on the thirty-first of December, One thousand eight hundred and eighty- six, Aged eighty-three years.
Inglethorp took place the following day, and on Monday, as I came down to a late breakfast, John drew me aside, and informed me that Mr.
Christopher Trace and Leila Williams were the original John drew the short straw afterwards and was the one who was left to clean up Lulu's mess.
John Drew, senior associate at The Prison Reform, said: "Although we are in an era where the number of children being sent to custody is falling, we would say as a general principle custody should only be used as a last resort, and we don't believe that statistically this is being used as a last resort.
John drew the collection of cartoons in the 1970s, based on photos he had taken and memories of everyday life.
John drew while sitting down, a posit ion from which he'd practiced, and steadied his shot.
John Drew Matousek John Drew Matousek, age 52, Co-Owner and Operator of "The Estate" Fine Jewelry, Antiques and Unique Gifts located at Spring Hill Mall in West Dundee and formerly of Woodfield, Stratford Square and Long Grove, passed away on Friday, March 2, 2018 at Centegra Hospital in Huntley.
Soon afterward, John drew the plans and sent them to Rob.
In 1969, as a wedding gift for Yoko, John drew the Bag One Portfolio, a chronicle of their wedding ceremony, honeymoon, and their plea for world peace, the Bed-in.
Millions of viewers saw the 46-year-old, real name John Drew, get a standing ovation and the nod from three of the four judges on Saturday night with his dance act.