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Noun1.John Dryden - the outstanding poet and dramatist of the Restoration (1631-1700)John Dryden - the outstanding poet and dramatist of the Restoration (1631-1700)
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"I am speaking," echoed Sir Patrick, "of John Dryden the Poet.
1668 - John Dryden appointed first English poet laureate by Charles II.
Among the authors are Plato, Augustine, Philip Sidney, John Dryden, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Elizabeth Montagu, Charles Lamb, G.
John Dryden took the honours with 30lb 11ozs, followed by Ethan Bradley with 22lb 5ozs and John Nelson with 17lb 13ozs.
Board members Jon Gaspar and John Dryden opposed the deal.
On this day 1668: John Dryden was appointed the first Poet Laureate.
By his own admission, John Dryden was a "scallywag" as a child, but boxing helped put him on the straight and narrow - and he's spent much of his life passing on the magic of the sport to young Teessiders.
"They should be ashamed of themselves and never be allowed to hold public office again." John Dryden said:"Here's a thought.They could just go to their normal GP like all the other normal people?
He leaves his wife of 60 years, Janet Doris Dryden, a son Christopher Dryden of Worcester, a daughter Jennifer Alves and her husband Steven Alves of Holden, a grandson Mathew Duszak of Spencer, a brother John Dryden of Millbury, and many nieces and nephews.
FEAST DAY OF ST ERMENGILD 1668: John Dryden was appointed the first official Poet Laureate.
In 1670 John Dryden became the first of his kind to be crowned with laurel.