John Eccles

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Noun1.John Eccles - Australian physiologist noted for his research on the conduction of impulses by nerve cells (1903-1997)
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He developed the Holographic Theory of the brain, after studying the work of John Eccles and Emmett Leith.
John Eccles, Birkdale All welcome CALL we let neighbours know that the weekly drop-in for money and benefits advice at Tuebrook Hope Centre, Buckingham Road, returns to Fridays at 10.
He draws on Popper's thinking on the nature of science and the falsification of hypotheses, and his work with John Eccles to develop a theory of mind that explains the relationships among physical reality, consciousness, and the development and testing of ideas, applying them to how writers explore problems through the works they create; how readers form hypotheses about the meaning and purpose of aspects of a literary work or group of works; and how readers test their hypotheses and confirm or falsify them.
Two trainees at Head Wrightson were presented with special awards by chair-|man Mr John Eccles in April 1977 for outstanding work during their first year with the company.
Eccles vaults with Bentley for the past 16 years and has her father John Eccles at the lunge.
Jennifer Cable meticulously examines the early eighteenth-century English cantatas written after the Italian style by three composers, John Eccles, Daniel Purcell, and Johann Christoph Pepusch, as they attempted to respond to the increasing popularity of Italian vocal music in London.
Oxford - John Eccles House, Robert Robinson Avenue, Oxford Science Park, Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK, OX4 4GP
JONATHAN Sheard and John Eccles battle it out at a cub chess competition which attracted 13 teams from the Huddersfield South West district to Marsden United Church.
Woodlands opened with an all-out assault, forcing five corners inside the opening seven minutes, and it took a string of fine saves by John Eccles to deny Luke Lovell, twice, Jon Brown and Andrey Arnaudov.
Helped by John Eccles of local firm Las Vegas Fun Casino Ltd, it will start with a champagne reception followed by horse racing, black jack and wheel of fortune and other games, with lots of prizes to be won.
Dualism was quite intellectually unfashionable at the time, but the strength of his arguments caught the favorable attention of several important thinkers of the day, including Michael Polanyi, Karl Popper, John Eccles, and Arthur Koestler.