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Noun1.John Endicott - born in EnglandJohn Endicott - born in England; in 1629 he became the founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (1588-1665)
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In the year 1628 they sent over a few people, with John Endicott at their bead, to commence a plantation at Salem.
It was thought fit that the Lady Arbella should tarry in Salem for a time; she was probably received as a guest into the family of John Endicott. He was the chief person in the plantation, and had the only comfortable house which the new-comers had beheld since they left England.
Whenever John Endicott noticed her despondency he doubtless addressed her with words of comfort.
Thus John Endicott was a man of multifarious business, and had no time to look back regretfully to his native land.
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Those records also demonstrated that John Endicott was often brought before the Magistrates' court for ill temper, assaults, and shady economic dealings, affording me reason to believe that Hawthorne submits Endicott as the prototypical Puritan zealot and original exemplar of an American proclivity for violence.
"Even more shocking to me was to find out that the person who passed judgment on them was my own ninth great grandfather, Puritan and first Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, John Endicott.
Authors Jane Merrill and John Endicott present a comprehensive examination of the activities of Aaron Burr following his acquittal of treason in 1807.
From John Endicott, the persecutor of Quakers, heretics and Ann Hutchinson, to Elizabeth Warren is quite a journey, but here we are.
After John Endicott and his band of dour Puritans descend upon the enclave of Merry Mount to suppress the pagan nuptial festivities of Edgar and Edith, the two lovers, having been spared Endicott's wrath, seemingly embrace without regret the more demanding domesticity of proper Christian marriage.
John Endicott, business manager for the union, later said some of the concern stems from rancor over how the UO has handled wage and change order documentation for its arena project, raising concerns about whether state rules are being followed.