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Noun1.John Fletcher - prolific English dramatist who collaborated with Francis Beaumont and many other dramatists (1579-1625)John Fletcher - prolific English dramatist who collaborated with Francis Beaumont and many other dramatists (1579-1625)
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These tendencies appear in the plays of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, whose reputations are indissolubly linked together in one of the most famous literary partnerships of all time.
Auchtermuchty deer farmer and specialist vet Dr John Fletcher has been honoured for his work with the only wild cattle herd in Britain.
JOHN Fletcher, a member of Close House golf club, has been appointed the 2019 President of the Northumberland Union of Golf Clubs.
John Fletcher took the huge tumble atMoorfields as he was trying to gethome to Southportafter a work's night out.
Owner John Fletcher, 57, had asked her to wait at his garden gate - but she rushed in and was savaged by the mutt.
While absent from the proceedings, David John Fletcher, 77, was sentenced to 10 years by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, which found him guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl.
TEC also appointed John Fletcher as Technician in Jackson.
THEATRE At The Casa presents John Fletcher's Jacobean comedy, The Tamer Tamed, by Millennium Players.
New research suggests that Double Falsehood, a play published in 1728 and long credited to Lewis Theobald, was actually written by the Bard with the help of his sometime collaborator John Fletcher. With English scholars questioning Theobald's authorship, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin used computer software to analyze word patterns and recurring sentences in the writings of Shakespeare, Fletcher, and Theobald; then they compared the writings with the play's language.
In seven years at Arbroath, John Fletcher played a fair few games.
John Fletcher, owner of The Birdcage, a popular bar in Newport, Gwent, has been ordered by the High Court to pay music licensing company PPL PS20,000, which includes PS6,000 in damages and PS14,000 in court costs.