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Noun1.John Ford - United States film maker (1896-1973)John Ford - United States film maker (1896-1973)
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The most moving pathos permeates some of the plays of John Ford (of the time of Charles I), for example, 'The Broken Heart'; but they are abnormal and unhealthy.
New York [USA], Oct 20 ( ANI ): American model Kendall Jenner has gotten a restraining order against her alleged stalker John Ford, who, she claims, caused her severe emotional distress.
Robinsons Malls is inviting us to bring along our lolo and lola to watch John Ford Coley perform today at 4 p.m., Robinsons Magnolia, Quezon City.
Enterprise Therapeutics: Dr John Ford has been appointed chief executive officer.
He asked: "Which two actors did director John Ford direct this to: '50 years in this goddamn business, and what do I end up doing?
Sabini, who teaches film history courses, presents photographs taken by US Navy photographer Nick Scutti of the World War II drama They Were Expendable in 1945, who took candid shots of the cast, director John Ford, and crew while he was stationed in Miami, Florida.
ENGLAND DAN AND JOHN FORD COLEY - THE AT A LANTIC albums (RHINO ) Pop and folk duo england Dan Crofts and John Ford Coley hailed from Austin, Texas.
For as long as she can remember her father John Ford would refer to Albany Primary School as "my hospital" as he was sent there to convalesce whilst serving in World War One.
JOHN FORD had an emotional day at Marathon Eryri - winning the Welsh masters title while running in memory of his dad.
Mother-of-two Nicola Mason, 25, a former chip shop worker, and her partner John Ford, 47, who was jailed for four-and-a-half years, were told by Judge Rhys Rowlands at Caernarfon Crown Court their behaviour had been "totally perverted".
Our kababayans can't seem to get enough of John Ford Coley's music which prompts the American singer to keep coming back to our shores.
Here is a portrayal of an America unrecognizable to John Ford audiences: a place where returning war heroes suffer from a soul sickness; where strangers see us more clearly than we see ourselves; and where what ails us cannot be fixed with a knife or a gun, but only by unmasking our dreams.