John Foster Dulles

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Noun1.John Foster Dulles - United States diplomat who (as Secretary of State) pursued a policy of opposition to the USSR by providing aid to American allies (1888-1959)
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John Foster Dulles, Eisenhower's secretary of state, viewed the expansion of American imperial power in terms of security, while he sought to disassociate the U.S.
Calder describes how John Foster Dulles carved out the original Security Treaty, signed simultaneously with the Peace Treaty in 1952.
Born in 1918, Dulles was the son of John Foster Dulles, who would later serve as President Eisenhower's Secretary of State, and the nephew of Allen Dulles, who served as director of the Central Intelligence Agency, also during the Eisenhower administration.
"We have no intention of standing idly by," the president declared in December 1956, "to see the southern flank of NATO completely collapse through Communist penetration and success in the Mid East." Secretary of State John Foster Dulles told allied leaders that "we intend to make our presence more strongly felt in the Middle East." Thus the Eisenhower Doctrine was born.
Instead of a gradualist, evolution-encouraging approach based on a wide international consensus, the United States might return to a more unilateralist, more revolutionary model not unlike that of the "rollback" days of former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and of the "best and brightest" technocrats whose anticommunist idealism led to the Vietnam War.
Indeed, despite their misperception of Chinese communist intentions and resort to nuclear "brinksmanship," Accinelli portrays Eisenhower and John Foster Dulles as shrewd crisis managers and alliance controllers.
Secretary of State John Foster Dulles had been made up or not.
In Chapter 16, titled: "Political Scientists at Work and Play: It May Be Political--But Is It Science?," Stone conveys his recollection of the forty-fifth annual meeting of the American Political Science Association (30 December 1949 - 2 January 1950) at the Hotel Roosevelt in New York where John Foster Dulles delivered the opening address and Lt.
Dwight Eisenhower's Secretary of State John Foster Dulles turned the United Nations into a diplomatic front in the battle with Godless communism.
But few today would think of John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles, two brothers who served, respectively, as secretary of state and director of the Central Intelligence Agency during the presidency of Dwight D.