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Noun1.John Haldane - Scottish physiologist and brother of Richard Haldane and Elizabeth Haldane; noted for research into industrial diseases (1860-1936)
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Joe Reilly's John Haldane Saddle Soar Jockey John Haldane was a hugely popular member of the Borders racing community for many years.
His analysis is guided by two important principles that he credits to John Haldane. First, he follows Aquinas in giving ontology primacy over epistemology.
Professor John Haldane, of the University of St Andrews, and a Vatican adviser, said the resignation was "both shocking and sad, for he was a well-known and well-liked figure within the Catholic Church in Scotland, in Britain and more widely".
The term was dubbed by John Haldane as a way of describing the interlacing concerns of Anglo-philosophy and scholasticism.
John Haldane is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Philosophy and Public Affairs in the University of St Andrews, and is a Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Culture.
also acknowledges with John Haldane that "much more work needs to be done on the issue of the range of tolerable 'realisms'" (133).
To diagnose the nature of the separation and its consequences in modern democracies--most notably the secularization of the Western mind--Pell draws upon figures ranging from Blaise Pascal, John Henry Newman, and Alexis de Tocqueville, to John Finnis, John Haldane, and Pierre Manent.
John Haldane, Maryhill, Glasgow, said' "I would like to thank the Rangers fans for turning out in such good numbers for John Lambie's testimonial match on Tuesday night.
I believe that Margaret Somerville would agree with John Haldane, Professor of Philosophy at the University of St.
Dr John Haldane said Mr Ross died of a blood clot caused by a thrombosis which formed because of hip fracture.