John III Sobieski

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John III So·bies·ki

 (sō-byĕs′kē) Also known as Jan III Sobieski. 1629-1696.
King of Poland (1674-1696) who led the campaign that drove the Turks from Vienna (1683).
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During his speech, Donald Trump argued that the future of Western freedom is at stake and called to defend the Western civilization against the threats of "terrorism and extremism," which many bigoted Poles linked with the famous Battle of Vienna, where the Habsburg Monarchy, the Polish--Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Holy Roman Empire, under the command of King John III Sobieski, won over the Ottoman Empire.
The Turkish prime minister was referring to the 1683 Ottoman Siege of Vienna when the commander of the Polish forces, King of Poland John III Sobieski helped defeat the siege.
An astronomer can't have too many patrons, and in 1684 Hevelius saluted John III Sobieski in stars.
Only one more historical fact should be added: Approximately one hundred years later, at the gates of Vienna, the "allied" forces, under the leadership of a Polish King, John III Sobieski, finally defeated the Ottoman Turks in 1683 (July 14th-September 12th) and stopped the Moslem armies' advance into Europe.
He later became court historian for King John III Sobieski. His deep sense of patriotism was best expressed in his epic Psalmodia polska (1695; "Polish Psalmody").