John Jacob Astor

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Noun1.John Jacob Astor - United States capitalist (born in Germany) who made a fortune in fur trading (1763-1848)John Jacob Astor - United States capitalist (born in Germany) who made a fortune in fur trading (1763-1848)
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John Jacob Astor, relative to that portion of our country, and to the adventurous traders to Santa Fe and the Columbia.
John Jacob Astor to establish an American emporium for the fur trade at the mouth of the Columbia, or Oregon River; of the failure of that enterprise through the capture of Astoria by the British, in 1814; and of the way in which the control of the trade of the Columbia and its dependencies fell into the hands of the Northwest Company.
Out of the over 1,500 victims of the Titanic, most attention was focused on a few of them, including multimillionaire John Jacob Astor IV.
Commissioned by Queen Victoria for the Exposition to show the friendship between the United States and England, it was later purchased by John Jacob Astor IV for display in the original Waldorf Hotel, which was demolished to make space for the Empire State Building.
Back in the early 1800s, after Lewis and Clark wintered near here, a German immigrant named John Jacob Astor envisioned this confluence of the Columbia and the Pacific as the hub of an international trading empire.
With the St Regis Bentley, if you booked theCaroline Astor Estate or the John Jacob Astor Estate Villa, you can get a convenient transfer to your destination by this luxurious world-class car.
The richest passengers onboard the ship was John Jacob Astor IV, who had an estimated net worth of a net worth of $85 million (approximately $2 billion).
Peters Minuit, Stuyvesant, and Zenger, Alexander Hamilton, Archibald Gracie, John Jacob Astor, the Steinways, American-born Boss Tweed, Irish and German-born Union soldiers.
Regis hotel in New York City over a century ago by John Jacob Astor IV, the brand has remained committed to an uncompromising level of bespoke and anticipatory service for all of its guests, delivered flawlessly by signature St.
She was the largest and most luxurious ship of her time and was carrying some of the wealthiest people in the world including Colonel John Jacob Astor IV, who was worth $87 million, but the "unsinkable" liner sank less than three hours after hitting an iceberg.
All in all I think Colonel John Jacob Astor IV would have been proud to see his legacy live on in Abu Dhabi.
As the largest three-bedroom overwater suite in the country, The John Jacob Astor Estate is a perfect venue to host an intimate wedding for 6 to 10 people.