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Noun1.John Knox - Scottish theologian who founded Presbyterianism in Scotland and wrote a history of the Reformation in Scotland (1514-1572)John Knox - Scottish theologian who founded Presbyterianism in Scotland and wrote a history of the Reformation in Scotland (1514-1572)
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Under all these sovereigns (to complete our summary of the movement) the more radical Protestants, Puritans as they came to be called, were active in agitation, undeterred by frequent cruel persecution and largely influenced by the corresponding sects in Germany and by the Presbyterianism established by Calvin in Geneva and later by John Knox in Scotland.
in that kingdom, and that much is expected from his skill and zeal in delineating those specimens of national antiquity, which are either mouldering under the slow touch of time, or swept away by modern taste, with the same besom of destruction which John Knox used at the Reformation.
Chaired by Earl Eddings, the members represent Chairs from ACA and Australia Cricket which includes, Greg Dyer (ACA), Andrew Gaggin (TAS), Andrew Sinclair (SACA), Bruce Walker (NT), John Knox (NSW), John Miller (ACT), Chris Simpson (QLD), Vanessa Guthrie (WACA) and Paul Barker (VIC).
Girls Guildry members prepare for the Queen's visit to the Music Hall in 1977 are, from left, seniors Brigadier Elaine Forsyth (1st Causewayend) representing 1907; Brigadier Dorothy Davidson (19th Denburn); Captain Doreen Nicoll (20th John Knox, Mounthooly) and Captain Roseann Thomson (32nd St Clements) representing 1900.
John Knox, who had spent 23 years at the Swiss bank, is to leave the firm.
The James in question was King JamesVI, who was Scotland's first Protestant monarch, crowned in our very own Church of the Holy Rude, in a service by John Knox. James'mum, Mary Queen of Scots was Catholic and had been deposed in part because of her religion.
As Leighton was jailed for life with a minimum term of 24 years and accomplice John Knox got more than nine years for manslaughter, Harry's mum bravely went in the witness box at Newcastle Crown Court to outline her pain.
Now, co-accused John Knox has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Mr Singh after appearing at Newcastle Crown Court yesterday.
Co-accused John Knox denied both charges and will stand trial later this year.
Instead, he is to play the historical figure John Knox, the leader of the Scottish Reformation, in a film.
The conference is being attended by UN Special Rapporteurs on human rights and the environment John Knox, representatives of Malaysia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and other countries.