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Noun1.John Marshall - United States juristJohn Marshall - United States jurist; as chief justice of the Supreme Court he established the principles of United States constitutional law (1755-1835)
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He was at Monterey when John Marshall discovered gold in Sutter's mill-race.
John Marshall gave Doune the perfect start with a goal after only two minutes.
OLD SHAWNEETOWN -- The Gallatin County Historical Society has been dusting off some of the group's scrapbooks and cleaning out the cobwebs at the John Marshall House/Bank Museum.
Headquartered in Reston, John Marshall Bancorp Inc.
"John Marshall is the greatest judge in American history." So Richard Brookhiser begins his latest Founding Father biography, John Marshall: The Man Who Made the Supreme Court.
John Marshall was running a team "linked to Wallsend Boys Club" when he targeted lads aged between 10 and 13 in a series of indecent assaults between 1979 and 1983.
John Marshall was running a team "linked to Wallsend Boys Club" when he molested youngsters who looked up to him, a court heard.
John Marshall, who is 71, was unable to stand trial due to ill health
John Marshall, 61, worked for more than 27 years at Commonwealth Bank of Australia's London office, but was made redundant in 2016 after the arrival of Debbie Lotz.
Before joining Access, Davis served as Senior Vice President and Relationship Manager for John Marshall Bank and was instrumental in developing a strong market presence for John Marshall, continuing his track record of accomplishments throughout his career.
KARACHI -- Ford company's car, used by Sir John Marshall during excavation of Moenjo Daro has not yet been repaired and renovated by Sindh Culture and Tourism Department.
John Marshall appeared at the Calder Service Station in Merry Street, Motherwell, with a hammer.