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Noun1.John Masefield - English poet (1878-1967)John Masefield - English poet (1878-1967)    
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John Masefield has daringly enlarged the field of poetry by frank but very sincere treatment of extremely realistic subjects.
She had relatively small She belonged to the North 16-year-old John Masefield who later became Poet Laureate from 1930 until his death in 1967.
1930) 1878 John Masefield, British writer and poet (d.
The historic award was created by King George V in 1933 at the suggestion of the then poet laureate, John Masefield.
1967: John Masefield, Poet Laureate from 1930, died.
A Gerard Manley Hopkins B John Masefield C Arthur Hugh Clough D Robert Bridges 6.
A Wilfred Owen B John Masefield C Siegfried Sassoon D T.E.
Poets Robert Bridges, John Masefield, Cecil Day-Lewis and John Betjeman all held which title?
In 1903, Crommelin's grand-daughter Constance married John Masefield the "poet of the sea" who was to become England's poet laureate.
Yeats to Terence Gray; key Georgian dramatists like John Masefield and Gordon Bottomley; the emergence and development of religious verse drama by those like Masefield, Charles Williams, and Dorothy L.
So finally beware of this book - it is temptation in book form, filling you with the same longings that beset John Masefield in that fine poem The Tewkesbury Road, remember it?