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Noun1.John Mill - English philosopher and economist remembered for his interpretations of empiricism and utilitarianism (1806-1873)John Mill - English philosopher and economist remembered for his interpretations of empiricism and utilitarianism (1806-1873)
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This systematic study examined the cause of severe cracking of SS304L/SA210 composite waterwall tubes at primary air ports, membrane bar wastage, and cracking of butt welds located between the bottom of the primary air ports and the floor in the recovery boiler at the Irving Pulp & Paper's Saint John mill. The results show that the severity of the problem was strongly related to the frequency and the magnitude of tube temperature excursions at the air ports, which were greatly affected by the char bed dynamics near the air ports.
THE winner of last week's PS200 Xword was John Mill, from Dundee.
Last week's answer was Goodwood and the winner is John Mill, Dundee.
NAME the artist and the song and you could win prizes: Father wears his Sunday best Mother's tired she needs a rest The kids are playing up downstairs Sister's sighing in her sleep Brother's got a date to keep He can't hang around Entries with address by Wednesday, June 3 to Rick Fulton, Daily Record, One Central Quay, Glasgow G3 8DA or email Last week John Mill from Dundee spotted Right Round by Flo Rida.
Meanwhile, Dundee's John Mill leads the April manager of the month ratings on 201, closely followed by Keith Berry of Worthing.
Last week John Mill, from Broughty Ferry, Dundee, spotted The Beautiful South's Song For Whoever.
JOHN MILL from Winchester scooped this week's free pounds 25 treble bet.
Violent John Mill, 24, failed to return to Castle Huntly jail, near Dundee, after a home visit in July, a court heard yesterday.
#The winners of our Smashing Machine competition were Patrick McCulloch, Glasgow and John Mill, Winchester
Of all the trebles chosen the best belonged to Tam Rankine, Torquay and John Mill, Winchester.
John Mill was only caught finally when he was in a fight and had to go to hospital for treatment and checks found he was a wanted criminal.
This was the 1958 black and white version, with John Mills, Bernard Lee and Richard Attenborough that was made for PS400,000 in 1958, not the 2017 film that cost between $100m and $150m.