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 (môr′tn), Ferdinand Joseph La Menthe Known as "Jelly Roll." 1885-1941.
American musician and composer who recorded seminal jazz works during the 1920s.


, William Thomas Green 1819-1868.
American dentist who demonstrated the use of ether as an anesthetic (1846).


1. (Biography) 4th Earl of, title of James Douglas. 1516–81, regent of Scotland (1572–78) for the young James VI. He was implicated in the murders of Rizzio (1566) and Darnley (1567) and played a leading role in ousting Mary, Queen of Scots; executed
2. (Biography) Jelly Roll, real name Ferdinand Joseph La Menthe Morton. 1885–1941, US jazz pianist, singer, and songwriter; one of the creators of New Orleans jazz


(ˈmɔr tn)

1. Jelly Roll (Ferdinand Morton), 1885–1941, U.S. jazz pianist and composer.
2. William Thomas Green, 1819–68, U.S. dentist: first to demonstrate the use of ether as an anesthetic.
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Noun1.Morton - United States jazz musician who moved from ragtime to New Orleans jazz (1885-1941)
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