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Noun1.John Muir - United States naturalist (born in England) who advocated the creation of national parks (1838-1914)John Muir - United States naturalist (born in England) who advocated the creation of national parks (1838-1914)
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"[A]lthough the page of Nature is so replete with divine truth, it is silent concerning the fall of man and the wonders of Redeeming Love," wrote a twenty-seven-year-old John Muir in a letter to his good friend Jeanne Carr.
The Green Heart Den is managed by the Marsh Street Arches and Garden Community Interest Company who are a group of local champions who have been working with the 'Junior Wardens' as part of their John Muir Award whilst transforming an area of derelict land into a community garden.
Shortly after travelling through the Waikato in January 1904 environmentalist John Muir wrote to his friend and former colleague Robert Underwood Johnson of his delight in the New Zealand landscapes and the plant life that he had encountered:
Johnathan Stewart, 19, is the 1,000th recipient from the North East of a John Muir award, which encourages schools, youth groups, families and local groups and organisations to experience and appreciate wild places.
Nature's beloved son; rediscovering John Muir's botanical legacy.
Whether it's ranger Shelton Johnson talking about Yosemite or Yellowstone, or actor Lee Stetson quoting John Muir, their passion for the parks seeps into your heart.
John Muir Health Foundation began a $20 million capital campaign in 2004 for its Walnut Creek, Calif.-based medical center expansion.
THIS FALL, TWO NEW BOOKS focused attention on John Muir's legacy, and it should come as no surprise that both titles include the word "nature." In A Passion for Nature: The Life of John Muir, author Donald Worster tells the story of the conservation icon, from his birth in the city of Dunbar, Scotland, where "the first sound of nature the child likely heard was a maritime cry of a sea gull flying overhead," to his failed battle to preserve California's Hetch Hetchy Valley (Oxford University Press, 512 pp., $34.95).
John Muir, 69, whose son Damian, 34, was stabbed to death, has petitioned Holyrood for a mandatory sentence for all knife carriers.
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