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John′ Paul′

1. John Paul I, (Albino Luciani) 1912–78, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1978.
2. John Paul II, (Karol Wojtyła) born 1920, Polish ecclesiastic: pope since 1978.
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John Paul Jefferson Jones, titularly attached to the American Embassy and correspondent of the New York Demagogue, who, by way of making himself agreeable to the company, asked Lady Steyne, during a pause in the conversation at dinner, how his dear friend, George Gaunt, liked the Brazils?
John Paul II stresses the importance of the market in terms of allocating the means of production and satisfying human needs.
Observance of Sunday as a holy day is under increasing assault, Pope John Paul II has asserted.
Just weeks later, Frances was devastated when Alistair's 13-year-old brother, John Paul, died of a "broken heart".
There has been a return to traditionalism in the Catholic church under Pope John Paul II.
John Paul was born with kidney failure and underwent major surgery just 11 hours after he was born.
The John Paul Project was set up in memory of Rifleman John Paul Finnigan, who took his own life following a battle with PTSD.
The Manila Cathedral is holding a second round of public veneration of the blood relic of Saint Pope John Paul II that ends on Sunday.
Due to the overwhelming turn-out of devotees who lined up to venerate the blood relic of Saint John Paul II at the Manila Cathedral last week, the basilica will hold another public veneration of the relic on May 13.
Twelve years have passed since his death, but the presence and influence of Saint John Paul II in the hearts of the Filipino faithful is still very much alive today.
JOHN PAUL' L'S love life seems to be looking up when his latest date Jake turns up at the school, but he might not be the only one interested in the teacher.