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Noun1.John Reed - United States journalist who reported on the October Revolution from Petrograd in 1917John Reed - United States journalist who reported on the October Revolution from Petrograd in 1917; founded the Communist Labor Party in America in 1919; is buried in the Kremlin in Moscow (1887-1920)
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Madam Mope!" cried the voice of John Reed; then he paused: he found the room apparently empty.
"It is well I drew the curtain," thought I; and I wished fervently he might not discover my hiding-place: nor would John Reed have found it out himself; he was not quick either of vision or conception; but Eliza just put her head in at the door, and said at once -
John Reed was a schoolboy of fourteen years old; four years older than I, for I was but ten: large and stout for his age, with a dingy and unwholesome skin; thick lineaments in a spacious visage, heavy limbs and large extremities.
Accustomed to John Reed's abuse, I never had an idea of replying to it; my care was how to endure the blow which would certainly follow the insult.
The party now consisted of nearly sixty persons, of whom five were partners, one, John Reed, was a clerk; forty were Canadian "voyageurs," or "engages," and there were several hunters.
John Reed begins well, carefully writing of "non-stun" slaughter of animals, and this is, in fact, what Belgium has banned.
Andrew John Reed, 27, of Westmacott Street, Hexham, is charged with causing the death by dangerous driving of Isabelle Gilchrist, 63, a former religious studies teacher from Rutherglen, Glasgow, on June 25 last year.
"Our alliance with Alnylam has successfully brought one important medicine to patients with ATTR amyloidosis and it also has spawned a molecule that is in pivotal clinical trials for people with hemophilia," said John Reed, global head of R&D at Sanofi.
Speaking on the programme, John Reed, chairman of Antibiotic Stewardship with the British Poultry Council, said ionophores "are classed as feed additives" as they are not classed as antibiotics by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate.
John Reed, the revolutionary American writer, journalist and socialist activist, was born on this day, i.e., 22 October 1887.
John Reed, the Durham County Council's head of technical services, said: "This will help divert plastics that are difficult to recycle from incineration and landfill and reduce our carbon emissions.
John Reed was the Fred Astaire of the law school world.