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Noun1.John Scopes - Tennessee highschool teacher who violated a state law by teaching evolution; in a highly publicized trial in 1925 he was prosecuted by William Jennings Bryan and defended by Clarence Darrow (1900-1970)
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In that case, John Scopes, a high school science teacher in Dayton, Tenn., challenged the state's Butler Act, an anti-evolution law, by teaching Darwin's theory that human beings evolved over time from a common ancestor shared with modern apes.
This was exemplified 93 years with the culmination of the Scopes Trial in Dayton, Tennessee, where teacher John Scopes was tried for teaching evolution in the schools.
People come to know the world in part through stories, and many people know the story of Galileo being tossed into prison by the pope, or John Scopes going on trial in Tennessee for teaching evolution--not to mention Adam and Eve being kicked out of Eden simply for the sin of seeking knowledge.
Handford In America in 1925 we had the Monkey Trial where John Scopes was found guilty of teaching evolution but succeeded in publicising Darwin's theory.
In America in 1925 we had the Monkey Trial, where John Scopes was found guilty of teaching evolution but succeeded in publicising Darwin's theory.
Science has never needed to be defended on the streets before, and controversies over the acceptance of scientific evidence are associated with bygone figures such as Galileo or John Scopes. Trump's arrival in the White House has triggered anxiety over premises once thought to be secure, such as respect for fact, reason and the scientific method.
He then briefly deflates three exemplary myths from the warfare corpus: Columbus did not prove (or need to prove) that the world was round; Galileo did not go to jail; and the John Scopes "Monkey Trial" was not really about the relationship between biological evolution and faith.
While defending John Scopes for violating Tennessee's Butler Act by teaching evolution, Clarence Darrow proclaimed: "We have the purpose of preventing bigots and ignoramuses from controlling the education of the United States." Despite Darrow's efforts, bigots and ignoramuses still struggle for ascendancy within America's education system.
BORN KIM Kardashian, reality TV star, 1980, above CARRIE Fisher, actress, 1956 DIZZY Gillespie, musician, 1917 DIED JACK Kerouac, above, journalist, 1969 JOHN Scopes, educator, 1970 DAN WHITE, assassin, 1985
The findings were released in the week marking the 88th anniversary of the famous Scopes Trial, in which Tennessee teacher John Scopes was found guilty of teaching evolution.
She also knew that she would choose "Inherit the Wind," which recalls the "Monkey Trial," the 1925 case of John Scopes, a teacher accused of breaking the law in Tennessee by teaching evolution.