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Noun1.John Vanbrugh - English architect (1664-1726)John Vanbrugh - English architect (1664-1726)  
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To the next generation and the end of the period (or rather of the Restoration literature, which actually lasted somewhat beyond 1700), belong William Congreve, a master of sparkling wit, Sir John Vanbrugh, and George Farquhar.
IT WAS said of Sir John Vanbrugh, the 17th century architect who created Blenheim Palace, that everything he did he approached with audacity.
Best of all is Tipping and Hussey's sumptuously illustrated volume The Work of Sir John Vanbrugh and his School 1699-1736, with which I began.
Influenced by Wren and Sir John Vanbrugh, Easton Neston has been described as Hawksmoor's 'ingenious invention'.
The 18th Century hall designed by Sir John Vanbrugh will be the backdrop for a host of food traders serving up delicious and diverse chilli-based food from around the globe.
Organisers have used the refurbishment of 300-year-old Morpeth Town Hall to focus on the life and times of its architect Sir John Vanbrugh, one of whose other great buildings is Seaton Delaval Hall.
Work will begin immediately on the hall which was designed in 1714 by architect John Vanbrugh.
Both will form the themes for the 47th Gathering, which draws huge crowds from across the community every year, as it is 30 years since the miners' strike, the 150th anniversary of Northumberland's Miners' Picnic, and 300 years since Sir John Vanbrugh designed Morpeth's Town Hall.
On Friday the trust has a lecture by Hugh Cantlie, a leading authority on Morpeth Town Hall architect Sir John Vanbrugh.
Mr Moores, who was awarded the CBE in 1991 for his charitable support for the arts, has spent pounds 7million through the charitable trust set up in his name in 1964 to rescue the historic building - which was designed by Sir John Vanbrugh, extendedby R obert Adam and is set in a fine landscape laid out by Capability Brown - from semi-dereliction.