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Noun1.John Wain - English writer (1925-1994)
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A John Grisham B Iain Banks C John Wain D Tim Lott 6.
A John Grisham B Iain Banks C John Wain D Tim Lott A Amoth B Abird C A monkey D A butterfly 14.
A Kingsley Amis B John Wain C John Braine D Stan Barstow 3.
Four essays complete part 2 of the book as "Memories of the Inklings." This last section's essays are by Walter Hooper (a founding member of the Society) and two Inklings Owen Barfield and John Wain. Of the contributors, Hooper has an essay in both part 1 and part 2, and there are some minor sections that are similar to each other in the essays, which can appear repetitive.
I was amused to see John Wain on the list - a keen drinker who won his place in the mid-1970s.
Gopinath's lively discussion focuses on authors as diverse as Evelyn Waugh, George Orwell, Philip Larkin, John Wain, Ian Fleming, A.S.
Those admirers include cultural conservatives such as John Wain, Kingsley Amis, Robert Conquest, John Lukacs, Russell Kirk, Dwight Macdonald, Peter Viereck, and Robert Nisbet.
Following an initial description of what constitutes a rogue, she offers close readings of Iris Murdoch's Under the Net, John Wain's Hurry on Down, Kingsley Amis's Lucky Jim, and other fiction from the fifties; as well as examples from New Wave cinema.
Unlike the working-class protagonists of his contemporaries John Wain, John Braine, David Storey, and others, Sillitoe's characters have no desire to "ascend" into the middle class by marriage or other means; they disdain and exuberantly subvert arbitrary bourgeois proprieties, conventions, and decorum, embracing the raucousness, rowdiness, and pragmatic ethos of working-class life and culture.
John Wain, 63, admitted three charges of neglect and was handed a suspended eight-week sentence by Sutton Coldfield Magistrates.