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Noun1.John Webster - English playwright (1580-1625)John Webster - English playwright (1580-1625)  
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The Elizabethan tendency to sensational horror finds its greatest artistic expression in two plays of John Webster, 'The White Devil, or Vittoria Corombona,' and 'The Duchess of Malfi.' Here the corrupt and brutal life of the Italian nobility of the Renaissance is presented with terrible frankness, but with an overwhelming sense for passion, tragedy, and pathos.
Ms Wallace told the hearing in Edinburgh that one of her managers, John Webster, called her a "black witch".
Professor John Webster was giving evidence on the second day of the hearing which is part of the Government's ongoing consultation over a possible ban on hunting, which would take in the Waterloo Cup.
The company structure is based on a team of investing members - Mike Alexander, Andrew Hunn, Sean StantonDunne, John Webster, Lindsay Baker, Michael Chan, Mariel Monk, Andrew Neill, Guy Richardson, Jane Williams, Brian Yates, Mr Sheppard, and chief executive Michael Lambert.
The season also sees new productions of The Tempest, a rare chance to see all three parts of Henry VI and the RSC's first production in almost 30 years of John Webster's violent and sexually-charged The Duchess of Malfi.
In addition to Middleton and Dekker, two other writers, John Squire and John Webster, produced Lord Mayor's Shows in the 1620s.
Mudd, after beating John Webster of Crosland Moor 21-15 and Paul Ingleby of Meltham BC 21-10, turned a 16-7 semi-final deficit into a 21-19 victory against homester Graham Tandy.
DCI John Webster, from Titan's command team, said: "This activity has come as a result of a lengthy and complex investigation by Titan and other agencies into the supply of large quantities of illegal drugs in the North West.
Boldon CA have been in good form recently but could have their work cut out at table-topping Hartlepool, even though hosts cannot call on John Webster or Rob Ferguson.
Playwrights considered are Samuel Daniel, John Fletcher, John Ford, Thomas Heywood, John Lyly, Philip Massinger, John Webster, Ben Johnson, and William Shakespeare.
But local Liberal Democrat councillor John Webster said: "I find what we are doing really offensive."
This touring production of John Webster's 17th century masterpiece, which has been doing the rounds since last October, has apparently been set in a factory.