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Noun1.John Wesley - English clergyman and founder of Methodism (1703-1791)John Wesley - English clergyman and founder of Methodism (1703-1791)
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Here the followers of John Wesley have set up a temple, built before the period of Methodist conversion to the principles of architectural religion.
One aged person remembered how a rude multitude had been swayed when John Wesley preached in the cattle-market; but for a long while it had not been expected of preachers that they should shake the souls of men.
Operation Grand Canyon with Dan Snow BBC Four, 8pm The historian concludes his re-creation of the expedition through the natural wonder that was led by explorer John Wesley Powell in 1869.
1703: The founder of Methodism, John Wesley, was born, the 15th of 19 children of a clergyman.
Gage Wesley, son of John Wesley and grandson of Jerry and Ruth Ann Wesley is graduating from Hillsboro High School.
1784: John Wesley signed the "deed of declaration" of the Wesleyan faith.
In his letters and particularly his autobiography, John Wesley Hardin bragged about how he killed policemen in the third quarter of the 19th Century.
"They asked me once, and I agreed, but John was doing a play - John Wesley Shipp.
Synopsis: In 1869, Civil War veteran and amputee Major John Wesley Powell led an expedition down the uncharted Colorado River through the then-nameless Grand Canyon.
In this book, he draws on primary sources as well as his own familiarity with the routes through which John Wesley Powell led expeditions (several ill-fated) on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in 1869.
Two students from northwestern Ontario were named recipients of the Ontario Power Generation's (OPG) John Wesley Beaver Memorial Awards.