Johnes disease

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Joh′ne's disease`

(ˌyoʊ nəz)
a chronic diarrheal disease of cattle and sheep caused by a bacillus, Mycobacterium paratuberculosis.
[1905–10; after H. A. Johne (1839–1910), German scientist]
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The management of endemic sheep diseases, Ovine Johnes disease and footrot, is set to change under new programs introduced today and being rolled out over the coming months.
The calves are now vaccinated against viral pneumonia before they are housed and the herd is accredited as free from BVD and monitored free from Johnes Disease.
'It is interesting to see the demand for cattle who are involved in the society's herd health scheme and which are being sold certified free of Johnes disease,' said Mr James.
livestock population afflicting downed animals include bovine immunodeficiency virus, bovine leukemia virus, and Johnes disease, a chronic diarrheal condition that has been linked to Crohn's disease in humans.
Vaccines: PPR, Sheep pox, Equiherpabort, Updated equine influenza vaccine, Classical swine fever and Johnes disease etc.).