Johnny Appleseed

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John·ny Ap·ple·seed

 (jŏn′ē ăp′əl-sēd′)
See John Chapman.
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Noun1.Johnny Appleseed - United States pioneer who planted apple trees as he traveled (1774-1845)
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This spiritual fictionalized story begins with a weathered sack, a blue tin box, and an old manuscript after excavating a failed swimming pool from his back yard, discovered to be written by one John Chapman (popularly known as Johnny Appleseed).
In that year, the University of Indiana published the results of Robert Price's seventeen-year study, Johnny Appleseed: Man and Myth.
The author explores the oral tradition of the Johnny Appleseed myth and relies on archived materials and those from local historical societies in New England and the Midwest to illustrate how the innovative nurseryman's apple trees were a part of the "agro-ecological revolution" that was changing a young country.
Everything you thought you knew about Johnny Appleseed is a lie.
A: Your Johnny Appleseed tree (and most fruit trees) will drop some fruit if it has too many to support.
Other titles in this series include Billy the Kid, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, John Brown, and Johnny Appleseed.
BIRMINGHAM'S own version of Johnny Appleseed - artist Eleanor Hoad - is on a mission to find fruit on city streets.
The 3rd university rock festival will take place in Bishkek on September 26, the State Department for Youth Affairs said.The following rock groups will take part in the festival: The Blue Fairies Band (American University in Central Asia), Johnny Appleseed (Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University/Kyrgyz State Architecture University), UFO (Technical University), I Love...
In the early 19th century, Johnny Appleseed traveled on foot through Ohio and Indiana, planting apple tree nurseries and preaching an evangelical message of charity espoused by the mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg.
Wholesome Heroes with Rick Sowash: Johnny Appleseed
No word on the increased prevalence of an apple-checked glow among the munchers, but the Bureau of Indications has no doubt that Johnny Appleseed is glowing with pride.